Research of Melbourne Apartment Rent Market

Melbourne Apartment Rent Market Research


Q&A of Melbourne Apartment Rent Market


Q : What was Melbourne's hottest spotlight last week?

A: Melbourne's property market!


Just within last weekend's short break, growing with the Melbourne apartment rent market, the clearance rate  has achieved an astonishing rate of 79%

Tempted by the chance of earning greater profit for themselves, property buyers rushed to the real estate market one after another, attempting to share a bite of this gigantic 'cake' by investing in the real estate market.

So, which market is the most profitable?

A: Definitely the Melbourne apartment rent market.


According to the Australian Census data, the current number of leaseholders in Victoria has risen to a new record of 1.5 million. There was an increasing population of leaseholders in almost ninety percent of Melbourne regions.

Furthermore, statistics show that between the year 2006 and year 2016, the leaseholder population in Victoria (including Melbourne itself) has increased by an amazing result of 0.34 million. This is definitely an record achieved in Victoria's rental market!

Did you also know that Melbourne has successfully made into the world's top ten by achieving approximately 4.5% rate of rent return?

According to one of Credit Suisse's reports, the median price of apartments in China's provinces Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are at least 50% more expensive than Melbourne's, however Melbourne's rent return rate is twice as much as these provinces.

Nowadays, 'Low Effort, High Return' has become the new slogan of Melbourne's real estate market.

However, you need way more than just buying the house, transferring it to an agent and leasing it to a tenant to earn money.


In Melbourne apartment rent market, what you are missing is a professional administration team such as Elite Real Estate to assist you in property managing and planning, so your rate of rent return can be doubled, tripled, and even more!


Over the past 20 years, Elite Real Estate has developed the reputation as a responsible and trustworthy investment partner. Recently, it even has launched short-stay services, providing the most supportive guide and services for property owners to easily earn money. Elite has the capability to well manage your leasing property in Melbourne apartment rent market.


What advantages do Elite Real Estate have in Melbourne apartment rent market?


Currently, the Elite company consists of a rental team with more than 10 property managers, each with a considerable amount of CBD housing resource.


In Melbourne apartment rent market, why Elite is the unique agency:


1. We have four different offices in CBD and work six days a week.

2. We provide bilingual services so we can maximize our understandings for our client's needs.

3. We ensure clients with qualified and professional services for all maintenance and emergency matters.

4. We are flexible to switch between both short-stay and long-term lease services for clients.


Our Responsibilities:

1. We guarantee replies to clients within one hour and satisfy the client's needs as much as possible.

2. We will answer and solve all questions that tenants have for their application.

3. We guarantee to select only the most suitable tenant for the property so risks can be minimised.

4. We provide periodic cleaning services.

5, We provide periodic condition reports (with images) every 6 months

6. We assist in scheduling maintenances for the property

7. We will contact Airbnb immediately if any additional problems occur


So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best management agent in Melbourne apartment rent market, please contact Elite Team on 1300 354 839 now for all your property needs!

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