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New semester for school has begun, many students will undoubtedly have the thought of renting a Melbourne apartment. Although the school dormitories have a decent location, but the conditions of Melbourne apartment outside the school area may be much better. 

So, what are the main types of properties in the Melbourne rental market?

Melbourne apartment | single-room | house

This is the most common rental choice for overseas students, because it saves up money and convenience. Renting a single room Melbourne apartment/house means that you must share the accommodation with others, by living in a single-bedroom each. If you did not rent a master bedroom, then you need to share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with others. If you have a car, you can choose to live in areas that are distant from the CBD, since the rent will be cheaper (e.g. $1000/pw). On the other hand, it is likely that you can only rent a single-room or a shared double bedroom CBD/docklands apartment for rent.

Advantages: easy to find short/long-term rental in a Melbourne apartment/house, that is furnished and relatively cheaper. 

Disadvantages: roommates have different living habits (which may trigger day-to-day conflicts), rooms in the Melbourne apartment/house may be excessive and the number of co-tenants is uncertain. 

Melbourne Rental Market

Another major type of property in the Melbourne rental market is whole apartment/house rental

Rental of a whole Melbourne apartment/house can be divided into two categories: furnished or unfurnished. Overseas students who have just arrived to Melbourne tend to rent furnished Melbourne apartment/house instead of purchasing furniture themselves, and the water/electricity/internet fee are usually deducted from the rent.

Advantages: If the entire Melbourne apartment/houseis rented below the average Melbourne rental marketprice, then there is a profitable outcome. Furthermore, choosing your own favorite house means that you will not be constrained by the landlord's rules or other tenants' weird habits. 

Disadvantages: High rental costs- part of the furniture included in the Melbourne apartment/house must be bought on your own. Also, as the only tenant, you must take full responsibility of the electricity and water fees and procedures,  as well as taking care of your backyard's weeds...etc. 

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