About Eric Shuai

Eric Shuai with over several years of experience in the real estate industry. He has developed extensive skills in property construction, real estate, property valuation and property management. As a real estate agent, Eric Shuai utilizes his extensive knowledge and strong service ethic to provide exceptional results for his clients.

Eric Shuai has a complete understanding of all practical aspects of property valuation and property management. He considers it essential for a successful agent to have broad knowledge so that they can provide timely and accurate information and advice. Eric's target is to build a multicultural property management team that adheres to a high standard of service.

Eric Shuai believes that real estate involves establishing sound relationships with clients, ascertaining their individual needs. To achieve this, he utilizes his fluency in Mandarin and English, acute attention to detail, efficient time management abilities and exceptional negotiation skills. Above all, Eric Shuai always honors his commitments and is consistently rewarded with incredible client loyalty, recommendation, and referral.

Eric Shuai was living and study in New Zealand for more than six years and came to Melbourne for several years. He is friendly and he loves to make more friends.

Committed and ambitious, Eric Shuai looks forward to assisting you with your next property transaction.