About Alex Hu

Friendly and approachable, Alex Hu is an Assistant Property Manager with Elite Real Estate. Known for his adaptability and efficiency, he assists clients with a wide range of property matters in Great Melbourne region. Over six years’ experience in customer service helps Alex develop a unique versatility in adapting to the fast pace dynamic environment of working in real estate. He always strives for excellence and is committed to his clients, sparing no effort to ensure their priorities are fulfilled.

Alex’s real estate career began in sales, when he gained knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry. Later he discovered he enjoyed the daily challenges dealing with leasing-related issues so he found his place within the Property Management department. He says, ”Being an assistant property manager is not simply a job, to more extent, is a lot of pleasure out of helping prospective tenants and landlords solve painstaking problems.”

Alex is diligent in terms of maximizing the effects and efficiency of marketing campaigns, ensuring that advertising is accurate and inviting. His education background in Advertising shapes his exceptional organizational skills and great insight on market trends.